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Since his multi-platinum debut album “The Documentary” was released in 2005, Game has been a steady force in the west coast rap game, releasing two more chart-topping albums -- 2006’s “Doctor’s Advocate” and 2008’s “LAX.” His latest LP “The R.E.D. Album” has also garnered critical acclaim and commercial success, giving some much needed life to the left coast.

Recently, the Compton rapper took the time to give us his Top 5 West Coast Artists of All Time, starting of course with himself:

5. Game

Game: “I’ve got to vote myself at five because I feel like after ‘Pac died there was a dead space in hip-hop and no other artist kind of came in and took West Coast music and put it on an international scale. Then I came in. And everyone and their momma’s a Blood now. I remember when Snoop had the whole world Crip walking. You can’t go anywhere without hearing ‘5’ or ‘Slime’ or seeing a red hat or a Cincinnati hat or the red rag. Outside of that, the music. I deserve it.”

4. 2Pac

Game: “Everyone else is from the West Coast. 2Pac came from Jersey and then he inherited everything that the other guys on the list were already a part of and instilled in. 2Pac came and took the W and he rode it all the way to his grave. My hat goes off to him. I always have love for him. 2Pac is tattooed on my arm. It’s just that big for me.”

3. Eazy-E

Game: “I don’t care who wrote the raps. Being a West Coast legend and a West Coast artist is a lot bigger than the music sometimes. Eazy was in the hood giving out turkeys on Thanksgiving, giving kids gifts on Christmas and he formed N.W.A. So you take away him, there’s no Dre. You take away Dre, there’s no Snoop.”

2. Dr. Dre

Game: “I’m Aftermath biased on this one because number one, that’s my boss. He gave me an opportunity to be something. Number two, I grew up listening to him and his beats. What’s N.W.A without Dr. Dre? If you say that, you understand why he’s my number two. Plus, I love him to death for taking me out of a hard spot and giving me a chance to be somebody and make my life better for myself, my family, my friends, everybody. Without him, there’s no me, man.”

1.Snoop Dogg

Game: “That’s my big homie. I love him. Outside of being a musician, he’s a family man just like myself. He was a family man before me. I’ve always prided myself on being his friend and just knowing him ever since I came out. When I first met Snoop, he looked out for me. Then, Snoop is classic. ‘Doggystyle,’ that was the only album he needed to solidify him in West Coast gangster rap forever.”

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