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Here’s a quick round-up of noteworthy happenings in the rap world throughout the last two weeks. An arrest, a football game, digital albums, independent trailblazers, a producer and politics make the list this time.

Juelz Santana arrested

Juelz Santana spit extensive bars about drugs. Now he’s been behind bars because of them. On February 2, Santana was arrested on four counts of narcotic and weapons offenses. After a reported 10-month investigation by Bergen County (New Jersey) Prosecutor’s Office Gang Unit, a raid of Santana’s New Jersey studio produced two loaded handguns and marijuana. He was released the following day after posting $125,000 bail. Santana’s music may not be making headlines, but he is.

Snoop Dogg’s Snoop Bowl IX

The Snoop Dogg 14U Allstars will play against Deion Sanders’ National Champion TRUTH 14U Select Football team in Snoop Bowl IX. The game will be played at 3 p.m. February 5 at Lancaster Community Park at 1567-2101 North Jefferson Street in Lancaster, Texas. It’s nice to see Snoop give back to the community and provide children with a positive outlet for their talent.

Talib Kweli’s digital moves

Talib Kweli’s new album, Gutter Rainbows, SoundScanned 13,900 units its first week in stores, according to Kweli’s label, 3D. While those numbers aren’t staggering, it is worth noting that the album was only released digitally and it still entered as the No. 5 Rap Album in the country and the No. 29 album overall. When digital-only albums by underground rappers like Kweli near the top of the charts, it’s no longer worth debating whether or not CDs will last. It’s only a question of when they disappear.

Atmosphere’s family

Atmosphere will release its new studio album, The Family Sign, on April 12. MC Slug and producer Ant will examine fatherhood, loss, love, disappointment and jubilation on the new collection, according to Rhymesayers Entertainment, which will release the collection. Although Atmosphere has never had a hit single, the Minneapolis duo was able to thrive throughout the last decade thanks to its relentless tour schedule and consistent musical output. Aspiring artists would do well to follow Atmosphere’s template for success. For those unfamiliar with Atmosphere's work, check out the video below.


Mr. ColliPark returns

On March 2, Mr. ColliPark (Ying Yang Twins, David Banner) will release Can I Have The Club Back, Please?, a free digital mixtape. The executive and talent scout also known as DJ Smurf produced all of the selections on the compilation. Songs already circulating from the mixtape are Lil Chuckee’s “Did Ya Mama” and the Ying Yang Twins’ “Boomerang.” Mr. ColliPark is one of the most underrated producers in rap history. It’ll be interesting to see how his return is received.

Luther Campbell seeks office

Running for Mayor of Miami. The title of the movie of boxing promoter Don King’s life was Only In America. If Luther Campbell is able to pull off one of his next goals, the former 2 Live Crew mastermind’s life story could have a similar name. Campbell, who made his fortune selling sexually charged music and subsequently battling for the right to do so, is considering running for the mayor of Miami. There will be a March 15 vote to recall current mayor Carlos Alvarez, which may provide the opportunity for Campbell to become the official boss of the city he put on the rap map in the 1980s. That would be a remarkable turn of events for a man who was chastised for being lewd, pornographic and irresponsible. If he has his way, he could be in charge of one of the country’s major cities. Only in America.

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