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Nas To Drop 10th Album on July 17

He was heralded as one of the most gifted rhymers rap had ever seen – even before he put out his first album. Nearly 20 years into one of rap’s most successful careers, Nas has largely lived up to the expectations.

The Queensbridge rapper’s 10th studio album, “Life Is Good,” is slated for a July 17 release and features the reggae-influenced single “The Don.” The video for “The Don” is slated to debut April 27.

“Daughters,” the album’s next single, is produced by No-I.D. and is set to be released digitally May 1.

One of rap’s most reclusive stars, Nas has had several No. 1 albums and has been able to consistently deliver some of the genre’s most compelling music. Nas’ “Behind The Music” episode debuted earlier this month and will be in heavy rotation on VH1 for the next several months.


Prozak LP Reveals Life's Highs and Lows

Given his affiliation with Tech N9ne, it’s little surprise that Prozak injects intricate storylines and dark subject matter into his music. Both qualities are on full display throughout the Saginaw, Michigan rapper’s new album, “Paranormal,” which was released this week.

Anchored by optimistic lead single “Million Miles Away,” the collection features a wide array of sounds and themes, from the Edgar Allan Poe-inspired “The Tell-a-Tale of Two Hearts” to the social meditation “The End of Us.”

“Hate” examines the impact of racial, economic and religious persecution. With serious subject matter and potent production, “Paranormal” stands as a strong artistic statement.

F. Stokes, From G-Unit Intern to Rapper

F. Stokes, a one-time intern for 50 Cent, is now promoting his “Love, Always” EP. The music is distinctive, no doubt culled from the rapper's nomadic background -- he's lived in Chicago, Wisconsin and New York City -- and his eclectic array of influences (Kanye West, 2 Chainz, Patti Smith).

In May, F. Stokes will be opening for MC Hammer, Erykah Badu and Rev Run for a string of performances, putting his lessons learned to work for him in front of thousands of fans.

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