The White Panda

Mash-up duo The White Panda gets the party started wherever they go. They also have the internet abuzz with their inventive mixes, most recently with a mash-up of The Far East Movement’s “Like a G6” and Supermode’s “Tell Me Why." Recently, we sat down with them to get their list of the Top 5 People In The Music Industry.

5. Childless Gambino

DJ Griffi: “He’s a pretty young rapper, kind of indie influenced. He’s got a unique style and flow. He’s got an energetic type of delivery and it kind of reminds me of a similar flow to Chiddy Bang, that kind of urban yet also very indie type sound that I’m fond of right now. He’s a young, rising star that’s coming out with a lot of cool stuff.”

4. Skrillex

Procrast: “He’s been able to produce some of the coolest sounds I’ve ever heard. We play around a lot with synths on the computer, tweaking things and creating your synths. The fullness and the eccentricity of the sounds he’s able to create is remarkable. The way he weaves them all into a track is really impressive.”

3. Derrick Vincent Smith

Procrast: “He’s the man behind Pretty Lights just because Pretty Lights is probably my favorite artist, group at the moment. I think people are definitely into remixes and mash-ups right now but I think he’s taken it a step further where he just samples so many different things, both familiar and unfamiliar that the track almost becomes unrecognizable and yet still sounds awesome.”

2. Benny Blanco

Procrast: “He’s a producer. He works a lot with Dr. Luke. He has co-production credits on a bunch of the recent Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber songs. I have a lot of respect for him. He’s our age. He’s 23 and he’s already made a huge name for himself in the music industry working with the top artists just because everyone has so much respect for his ear and what he’s able to do to a track. He’s up there.”

1. Afrojack

Procrast: “He’s an awesome performer and he’s got a very distinct sound. Some of the remixes he does are just a completely different take on the original songs that he’s using. He does the kind of stuff that I appreciate as a party DJ.

He takes songs that can be low key and really calm, relaxing songs and he just makes them into these absolute dancy bangers with a very distinct sound, which you have to have respect for. You can hear a song and know it’s Afrojack pretty immediately.”

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