Lance Lempert and Tim Lincecum for Red Bull Ultimate Garth Milan/Red Bull Media House North America, Inc.

Tim Lincecum started spring training this year by giving a fan an ultimate experience. Lance Lempert, a 20-year old better known as “Lancecum” to his friends, had sent in a video late last year duplicating Lincecum’s pitching motion as part of a fan challenge known as “Red Bull Ultimate.” For the challenge, fans uploaded videos to Lincecum’s Facebook page over the course of last season.

As his prize, Lempert got to show Lincecum his uncanny pitching delivery in person and even took some cuts off the two-time Cy Young award winner and World Series champion.

“His replication and look of my wind-up was spot-on,” said Lincecum.

As for Lempert’s hitting, he was able to foul off a few pitches and hit a hard line-drive foul down the left field corner. Lincecum provided a little chin music in return, proving that competitive fire can come out at any time.



Lempert attended Northeast High School and Orleans Technical Institute, and currently works in service technology. His most memorable sports moment was when his hometown Phillies won the World Series in 2008. A personally memorable moment was as a senior in high school when he pitched a complete game win with 13 strikeouts, throwing 110 pitches. There was also a game the next day and he came in to relieve and pitched the last three innings to close out the game with a save.

Lempert’s favorite Lincecum moment was watching his major league debut against his hometown Philadelphia team on May 6, 2007. After watching him, Lempert knew Lincecum was going to be something special and was going to have a great career ahead of him.

Check out Lance's winning entry below:



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