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The Ting Tings might very well be a second coming of The White Stripes, except they are the polar opposite on a musical level. This British duo are leading a mainstream renaissance with a dance-driven pop rock hybrid where female member Katie White takes charge on the mic and guitar while her male counterpart Jules De Martino primarily resides over the drum set (and bass, piano and acoustic guitar -- when the situation calls for it, that is).

It’s quite an undertaking for two people, but The Ting Tings might be super human performers because they execute their craft rather smoothly -- both inside the studio and live in concert.

The Ting Tings History

White -- who looks similar to Lady Gaga minus the cosmic hairstyles, extravagant makeup and trademark meat dress -- met De Martino in 2001 through the English music scene and shared a passion for like-minded artists.

Along with their DJ friend Simon Templeman, they formed the majestic-sounding pop trio Dear Eskiimo and achieved mild success when they signed with Mercury Records in 2004. But after dropping their EP Be Patient, problems arose with their management and label, leading them to depart both companies shortly thereafter.

Despite their bad experience with the industry, it didn’t deter White and De Martino from achieving their dreams. The two continued writing material together and officially launched The Ting Tings in 2007.

We Started Nothing

At first, they were performing for free just like any band who’s starting out. Within months, however, they were getting paying gigs, radio exposure and meetings with labels. That eventually led to a deal with Columbia Records in 2007 and in the following year, the duo released their full-length debut album We Started Nothing. Fortunately, this label experience has been stellar for White and De Martino.

We Started Nothing is a polished ten-track collection that showcases their incredible songwriting prowess as they beautifully weave elements of new wave, indie rock and dance rhythms together.

Several singles were generated from the studio effort including “Great DJ,” a more rock-oriented record about getting lost in the music, “That’s Not My Name,” a frustrating ditty about feeling forgotten, and “Shut Up And Let Me Go,” which features White’s hypnotizing words over a beat that has a Franz Ferdinand influence.

Currently, The Ting Tings are staying fresh in people’s minds with their latest single “Hands,” the leadoff banger from their upcoming sophomore set. Based on the power of their new music, the success of their previous release, their immense talent and their impeccable drive, it feels as if White and De Martino have the potential to be two of the biggest names in the today’s pop music world.

Throughout the history of the music business, audiences have had many famous male and female duos to look up to. There was Sonny & Cher, Ike & Tina Turner and most recently, The White Stripes.

But now in 2011, it appears as if The Ting Tings are the new wave of the future.

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