Hip-hop and action sports go hand-in-hand like Jay-Z and Beyonce. But do you even remember any of the hip-hop videos that feature skateboarding, BMX, or snowboarding? We didn't either, but we sure did scour the web for it.

Here's a Top 10 list of our favorite hip-hop x action sports music videos, starting with our #1 fave:

#1: Lupe Fiasco, "Kick, Push" -- Twitter: @LupeFiasco

#2 N.E.R.D., "Rock Star" - Twitter @nerdarmy

#3 Souls of Mischief, "Medication" - Twitter @hieroimperium

#4 Beastie Boys, "Pass the Mic" - Twitter @BEASTIEBOYS

#5 Naughty By Nature, "Feel Me Flow" - Twitter @naughtybynature

#6 The Cool Kids, "Black Mags" - Twitter: @coolxkids

#7 Cali Swag District, "Teach Me How To Dougie" - Twitter @CaliSwagDstrct

#8 Mac Miller, "Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza" - Twitter @MacMiller

#9 The Visionaries, "In The Good" - Twitter @theVisionaries

#10 Delinquent Habits, "Tres Delinquentes" - Twitter: N/A

Did we miss anything? Let us know. Comment below:


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