Curren Caples on the rail at his private skatepark Bryce Kanights/Red Bull Media House North America, Inc.

It was just a year ago where fourteen-year-old Curren Caples competed against men twice his age at X Games 16, en route to a fifth place finish at Skateboard Park eliminations.

With so much talent and technical ability at a young age, most can’t help but compare Caples to Ryan Sheckler who got his start at a young age as well. Caples holds the ability to mix vert skills, speed and technical trickery in to his runs all while leaving crowds in awe. While Curren preps for this week’s X Games 17, check out our five favorite Curren Caples videos.

5. Curren Caples at Age 11

Eleven-year old Curren Caples shows loads of potential and shares some personal tidbits in this video such as his thoughts on school.

4. Warehouse Tour

Here we get a tour of Curren’s private skate warehouse, which includes a cameo from his sister who shows that skating runs in the family.

3. Curren Caples and Bob Burnquist in Bondi

A super-sick video of Caples with Bob Burnquist at VANS Bowl-a-Rama in Bondi, Australia.

2. Curren Caples vs Vince del Valle

Curren and Vince play a game of “SK8” on Curren’s backyard bowl.

1. Curren Caples at X Games 16

Curren’s complete high-velocity run at X Games 16 with the crowd behind him was a thing of beauty.

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