Ryan Sheckler: Top 5 Videos Jody Morris/Red Bull Media House North America, Inc.

Ryan Sheckler needs no introduction. He’s fresh, he’s skilled and most importantly he knows how to move the crowd. Skating since he was two years old, Sheckler has built an impressive résumé, which includes three X Games Gold Medals and a hit reality TV show on MTV.

Here are our five favorite Ryan Sheckler video clips.

5. Sheckler Shreads the Warehouse

Here’s a look at Sheckler’s private warehouse where he and his buddies get their shred on.

4. Sheckler Skating in “Almost: Round 3”

Released back in 2004, “Almost: Round 3” features the third set of Rodney Mullen vs. Daewon Song videos, but it also gave the world a solid two-minute showcase of young Ryan Sheckler in action. Check out this classic cut of Sheckler.

3. Classic Ryan Sheckler Highlight Reel

Here we get to enjoy over three minutes of classic Ryan Sheckler as he shreds over everything in site. Truly one of the best compilations on the internet.

2. Sheckler’s Gold Medal Run at X Games 16

Through the camera lens of a spectator, get an up close raw look at Sheckler’s smooth gold medal run at X Games 16.

1. Ryan Sheckler Wins X Games Gold at Age 13

At age 13, Ryan Sheckler becomes the youngest ever to win Gold in Skateboard Park at X Games Nine kicking off his fantastic career.


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