Travis Barker during filming of his video for Push Em

Travis Barker and Yelawolf have dropped the first video off their upcoming EP, 'Psycho White,' available on November 13. The song, 'Push Em,' is a frantic track that pits Barker's frenetic drumming against Yelawolf's rapid-fire lyrics.

"The song has the energy/angst of a punk rock song with Yelawolf rapping over a double-time beat and a chorus that could instigate a fight anywhere," Barker told Rolling Stone.


The video matches the tune, cutting quickly between the collaborators inside a vintage whip and a crowded club.

"With the video, [director] Jason Goldwatch and I just tried to match the high energy of the song with a visual that sets the same pace," added Barker. "It was shot over a couple shows during Yelawolf's current Slumerican tour and a day drive with Yela and I in my '64 Rivi."

Check out the making of the 'Push Em' video with this exclusive behind-the-scenes cut showing the first day of shooting, inside the club. 'Psycho White,' which also features Rancid frontman Tim Armstrong and Skinhead Rob of the Transplants, is available for pre-order on iTunes.


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