Travis Pastrana in Panama Agustin Munoz/Red Bull Photofiles

When Travis Pastrana won the world freestyle motocross championship at 14, he established himself as a legend in the making, but no one could have expected that the teenager from Annapolis, Maryland, would become the fearless athlete and limitless superstar that he is today. Fortunately he came along in the age of digital video. Without further ado, here are our favorite moments in the Pantheon of Pastrana.

1. X Games Debut

2. Grand Canyon Backflip

3. Jumping Without a Parachute

4. The Double Backflip

5. Big Wheel MegaRamp Backflip

6. Crash of the Century (OK, it's not a stunt, but it's pretty spectacular)

7. Backflip Over a Rally Car

8. Red Bull: New Year. No Limits.

9. The Hydro Jump

10. The Backflip 360

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