Travis Rice Christian Pondella/Red Bull Media House

Travis Rice came in at number 5 on ESPN's list of the top 50 most influential people in action sports, which just came out today.

Travis is paired with Curt Morgan, the director of their film 'The Art of FLIGHT.' "Travis Rice and Morgan's movies have changed the way we expect to see action sports captured on film," writes ESPN.

But 'The Art of FLIGHT,' which was just released in 3D, is only one reason Travis has become the most important snowboarder on the planet. In the video below, several of his peers talk about what makes Travis so special...

The video is a pretty cool combination of peer analysis and pure snowboarding porn, including some great footage of Travis in his younger years. The one thing the video is missing, however, is an interview with Rice himself.

Fortunately, Bleacher Report released a great interview with Travis a few months ago that serves as the perfect complement to the above video (and includes the now legendary footage of Travis outrunning an avalanche).

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