Darren Berrecloth at Red Bull Rampage 2010 Christian Pondella/Red Bull Photofiles

It looks like Red Bull isn't the only one giving wings to its athletes. Degree Men recently launched its "Masters of Movement" ad campaign with Travis Rice, Darren Berrecloth and Miles Daisher in a series of exhilarating action videos.

T-Rice (in the video above) opted for a tribute of sorts to Craig Kelly, a pioneering snowboarder who discovered a unique feature, known as Hole in the Wall, in the steep backcountry of British Columbia. Rice had always wanted to drop in there, and with the untimely passing of Kelly in an avalanche in 2003, the draw to visit the spot was even greater.

Berrecloth Bombs Painted Desert

Mountain bike freerider Darren Berrecloth has traveled the globe looking for the most challenging and inspiring spots to ride, and even though he’s bombed down most of them, there are still spots he has yet to tread. On his many drives through the Painted Desert near Cameron, Arizona, he’d look up into the hills and cliffs, knowing that no one had ever ridden them, so he had an easy time choosing his project.

Daisher Remembers McConkey

B.A.S.E. jumper Miles Daisher always regretted missing a particular trip with his friends, including Shane McConkey, who later passed away in a ski-B.A.S.E. accident in 2009, so he wanted to re-create the jump for Masters of Movement. For his project, Daisher launched from a 1,600-foot cliff at Hell Hole Bend in Little Colorado Canyon. “It was something special,” he told ESPN. “I could feel Shane out there with me. I talked to him a lot."

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