Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Interview

Capcom is calling the upgrade of their fighting game “Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3” for a reason. This edition of this epic crossover between Marvel Comics heroes and Capcom game characters is getting a dozen new characters added to the roster, a couple of brand new modes and a host of gameplay and character tweaks.

Ryan Macdougall, Brand Manager for Capcom dropped by to talk about what’s in store for this upcoming fighting game spectacular when it hits stores later this month.


For newcomers, could you describe what “Marvel vs. Capcom 3” is about and how it’s different than other fighting games?

RM: “Marvel vs. Capcom” has always been a team-based fighting game. It’s three versus three and you get to choose three characters in any given match, but it’s also a one on one fight with two characters waiting in the wings. Knowing how to use additional characters is key in going from a novice to an intermediate player. You also want to pick your team to have complimentary assists and knowing when to use them is important. The overall action of the game is way more frantic, over the top, and it’s supposed to be most fast-paced, exciting fighting game on the market. There’s more hits, more explosions, and it’s like the on-steroids version of other fighters.

What makes this the Ultimate version of “Marvel vs. Capcom 3?”

RM: The difference is that there’s 12 new characters, eight new stages, new moves, new costumes and we’ve added spectator mode, a new Heroes and Herald mode, and we’ve taken the game to its maximum potential.

What’s the new Heroes and Heralds mode like?

RM: It’s a free piece of downloadable content that will be available post-launch. Every week when you play online for the first time, it’ll prompt you if you want to be on the Heroes or Heralds team and it’ll keep track of how many wins and losses you get as a virtual team worldwide. You’ll get mini-prizes at the end of the week for various things. It’s like a collectible card system, when you start a match, choose three cards out of over 100 and they will affect your character. We’ll have little bonuses, things like double jumping, extra damage, or allow you to turn invisible at certain points. It’s gonna be a heck of a lot of fun. It’s not meant to be as serious in tone as the standard game – more wacky, over the top, and fun.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Trailer

What was some of the feedback you’d heard from the fans of the previous game, what did they want to see changed the most?

RM: Feedback was very positive, but specifically, people wanted a spectator mode to watch online matches and watch your friends while you’re waiting to participate and we’ve added that. People also thought some of characters too powerful or weren’t powerful enough, so we looked at the statistics and saw who was used and who won more frequently and we wanted an evenly balanced playing field. So we changed some of the moves, tweaked some of the characters and changed fundamental ways that the game worked. This is the version that will probably be used at tournament for years to come.

Phoenix Wright is a new character in the game? That seems like a crazy choice for a fighting game.

RM: It’s been pretty insane because he’s not a traditional fighting character. Everyone else in the cast has fighting experience, but Phoenix -- he’s new to the idea of fighting. Our team had to find ways to be true to the character and make him work in a fighting game. He has a cool mechanic, he collects evidence during the battle and he has an additional bar for evidence. When you collect all three pieces of evidence you can do a powerful “Objection” move, which puts the opponent on trial, and if the opponent is found guilty, it does an incredible amount of damage. He takes awhile to get used to, if you’re new, pick Ryu and Spider-Man.


Can we safely say this a first time a lawyer has been a character in a fighting game?

RM: Not true, She-Hulk has been a lawyer in her comic career! She Hulk and Phoenix Wright actually banter back and forth in the game, because they are both lawyers. We have lots of little conversations like that. For instance, Iron Man will make fun of Bionic Commando for not be able to afford the whole suit.

What should we expect from some of the other new characters?

RM: We wanted a great gameplay variety. For instance Iron Fist cannot hurt you if he’s not right next to you, and it’s a challenge to get him in position to do great damage. The polar opposite of him is Dr. Strange, who is full of tricks but he doesn’t want you anywhere near him. He can lay down objects that can alter the environment and can teleport. Nemesis is a gigantic beast and a lot of his moves involve his super-armor and he won’t fall out of an attack when he’s interrupted. Strider, he’s very fast and mobile but doesn’t have much health -- he’s got to combo his way to victory.


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