Sebastian Vettel on Late Show With David Letterman

Yesterday, Sebastian Vettel was in New York City to give demo drives of the Formula One course in Weekhawken, New Jersey, which is slated to appear on the schedule next year (if all goes according to plan).

After doing some burnouts in an Infiniti road car and talking to the media, Sebastian capped the day by dropping in on "Late Show With David Letterman."

Sebastian brought some home video of himself driving a go-kart at the age of three, which impressed the host.

"In our backyard, because it was so narrow, I couldn't make a full turn," Sebastian said over the grainy footage. "So my father put a bucket of water on the ground so that I could..." Cue 3-year-old Seb fishtailing the kart around a cone.

"Oh my God! That's unbelievable!" laughed Letterman, before shifting gears and getting into a more technical discussion on the racecars and the series.

Which was probably the first time "Kinetic Energy Recovery System" and "Drag Reduction System" have been mentioned on late-night TV.

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