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The gaming world is abuzz with plenty of happenings this past week -- including the release of the first Modern Warfare 3 trailer, hack protection for the PlayStation network and more. We detail all of it here in our weekly video game column, Video Games Plus.

First Peek: Modern Warfare 3

All other gaming news took a back seat this week to the long-awaited “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3” trailer. At this point, Activision could make a Call of Duty game using animated stick figures fighting over a box of cookies and it would still sell 5 million copies, but from the looks of it, the newest Modern Warfare doesn’t rest on its laurels.

The story is said to pick up after the end of "Modern Warfare 2." Russia has launched an invasion of the US while the counter-terrorist squad Task Force 141 is trying to gather evidence against Russian ultranationalist leader Vladimir Makarov.

"Modern Warfare 3" does a lot of globetrotting -- with urban combat taking place in Manhattan and London plus other missions through Europe, Russia, parts of Africa and the Himalayas.

Aside from the eyepopping action we saw from the single player, spec ops mode is also returning as well as, of course, the multiplayer -- though there are few details thus far. Stay tuned.

F.E.A.R. Trailer

To get out of the shadow of the 50-ton gorillas of the first-person shooter genre like Call of Duty and Battlefield, some game developers have to get creative, and that’s exactly what the makers of "F.3.A.R." are attempting to do.

WB Games released a new trailer this week showing off one of its multiplayer modes -- which shies away with the standard team deathmatch and capture the flag in favor of something more in line with the horror/shooter nature of the F.E.A.R. series.

Called Soul King, you start each round as a disembodied spectre who can possess weapons themselves. Then you must kill enemies and collect the souls they drop. The person with the most souls becomes the “Soul King.”

"F.3.A.R." hits PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on June 21.

Alice In Hysterialand?

Speaking of games that combine action and horror, the sequel to “American McGee’s Alice” will be here on June 14, almost a decade after the original -- and it looks pretty twisted.
EA just released some new screenshots of “Alice: Madness Returns” showing the “Hysteria” mode, which we’re told “acts as a conduit for Alice's intense rage and desire to win against her psychological demons.” Basically, it’s a power up mode that lets players pull Alice back from the brink of death and fly into a murderous rage. 

null EA Video Games

This ultra-violent take on Alice in Wonderland isn’t exactly kid-friendly, but we’re looking forward to jumping into the rabbit hole when it hits stores June 14.

PSN Hack Protection

In an effort to sooth the spirits of angry customers affected by last month’s major hack, Sony is offering free identity protection for the PlayStation Network.

The PSN was hacked between April 17 and April 19 and stole thousands of names, emails, addresses, birthdates and passwords, causing Sony to shutdown the network for a month. The identity protection is offered through AllClearID PLUS, and is open to those who activated a PSN account before April 20.

To get the service, enter your e-mail at Sony's identity theft protection page.  Within 72 hours, you'll get an activation code, which must be redeemed at AllClear's website by June 28.

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