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E3 may have ended a week ago, but Video Games Plus has a boatload of news to report from the video game world. It should come as no surprise that “Modern Warfare 3” is still making headlines (and TV shows), but we’ve also gathered info on a Star Trek game that might be cool for once, a look at the new Pro Evolution Soccer game, and a report on a surprising announcement from EA Sports.

Call of Duty Still Going Strong

“Modern Warfare 3” remains several months away from release but excitement for all things Call of Duty is high as evidenced by word from Activision’s Dan Amrich that the “Elite” beta has already drummed up more than 2 million subscribers in two weeks. Not bad for Call of Duty Elite, a new service that’s been criticized because it asks gamers to pay an extra subscription fee in order to unlock bonus content and social networking features for "Modern Warfare 3."

Modern Warfare 3 may have also won over a fan in Jimmy Fallon, as evidenced by his spirited turn on the demo in this clip. As part of Video Game Week on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” a few developers of the game came by the show to give Fallon and “Shaun of the Dead” star Simon Pegg a spin on “Spec Ops” mode. Jimmy, you’re obviously a CoD noob, but we forgive you.

Star Trek's Final Frontier?

An exciting “Star Trek” game? Usually we’d laugh at the idea. In the past, games based on the popular sci-fi movie and TV series have fallen into the boring-as-hell strategy or super nerdy role playing categories. We were surprised as anyone then when Paramount Digital Entertainment showed off a trailer for a new Star Trek game that appeared to be a fast-paced action-adventure.

The game’s story is supposed to continue from the end of J.J. Abrams’ “Star Trek” movie reboot. The game promises to let gamers play cooperatively as both Captain Kirk and Spock to stop an enemy race of aliens.

EA Sports Stores Coming Soon

Will Electronic Arts' new slogan be “If it’s in the game, it’s in the store?”

It could be soon. In an interview with Forbes, EA marketing exec Chris Erb announced that it is opening at least three new EA Sports retail stores next year, the first of which will open in a Charlotte, NC airport. As digital distribution increases, it might seem like a puzzling idea to create more bricks-and-mortars stores, but EA hopes to follow the lead of highly successful Apple and Microsoft stores.

Konami Does Soccer

One franchise that hopes to take a bite out of EA Sports is Pro Evolution Soccer, which just released new screenshots and gameplay additions at E3.

In addition to upgraded graphics, Konami is hyping the new computer A.I. in “PES 2012.” The so-called Active A.I. means that players will no longer flock to a ball, but will make intelligent runs to create space and draw markers, while others will make themselves available, instigate runs, and visibly call for the ball. There is also a new “jostling “ feature, which means that players with high strength ratings can use their power to help win possession of the ball in a one-on-one situation.

Could “PES 2012” out juke EA's FIFA? We'll keep our eyes peeled once it hits stores this fall.

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