Jamie OBrien in the Volcom Pipe Pro 2012 volcompipepro.com

If Pipeline ceased to exist, our world would be an entirely different place. Without the nasty, spine-twinging Hawaiian reef break, how else would we separate the courageous from the weak? Thursday, the Volcom Pipe Pro got the green light -- four days after the waiting period began -- and 112 of the world's best surfers are prepared to tackle the monster waves and brave the treacherous blue cavern.

Last year, John John Florence barely edged out Jamie O'Brien with a keg in the last 15 seconds. Will Jamie settle the score this year?

Started in 2009, the Volcom Pipe Pro gives surfers outside of the World Tour's elite a chance to compete at Pipe. Most of the world's best Pipeline surfers are too busy getting barreled to be bothered with that pest know as qualification, and this contest allows them to strut their stuff amongst top dogs. And we get to watch all the thrills, starting now...

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