Dave "Walshy" Walsh at the Red Bull LAN Red Bull

Elite gymnasts have Olympic training centers to achieve perfection before the Olympics. Football players rely on heavy pre-season schedules to hone their skills before their season begins. MMA fighters spend eight to ten weeks with their camp in preparation for a title fight. Pro gamers, like the athletes listed above, also set out to improve their performance before an important event, and gamers of the upper echelon, like Dave “Walshy” Walsh, converge on events like Red Bull’s three-day LAN for no-holds-barred, intensive, real-world training.

With no distractions and all emphasis placed on nothing more than improving game play for competition, Walshy and his peers are able to fine-tune strategies, sharpen basic skills and realize what works well under fire, while also figuring out what not to do before competition. 

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For five hours each day from October 1st - 3rd, Walshy and Team Carbon, along with teams Status Quo and Warriors, took part in the multi-day throw-down to progress their skills as a team as well as individuals. To make things even more interesting, the entire session was made public via Red Bull’s live stream.

With viewer comments also a part of the mix, trash was talked, rumors were thrown, and massive props were given as all three teams stayed intently focused on the task at hand: prepping for the upcoming National Championships. Though this might be labeled as nothing more than an extended practice session, make no mistake - no punches were pulled and each and every gamer on hand was giving his all. 

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At times tempers flared, frustrations were expressed, and when a team was able to get on a roll, they had no problems voicing their domination. Snappy comments of approval, sometimes tainted with disdain, were echoed by team members as they made quick work of one and struggled with another.

As Walshy hit his stride, the comments were pouring in with appreciation for his patient and strategic game play that seemed to flow naturally with the other members of Team Carbon. Some might say it’s a strange mix, especially with Carbon being known as an aggressive group during competition.

After three days of high-pressure sparring, Walshy and his fellow gaming giants stepped out of their comfort zone - and into a recording studio, of all places. The group managed to recite raps over a heavy, fast-paced beat produced by BUCKBUCKBUCKBUCKBUCKBUCK (yes, that’s actually his name). Though they were able to squeeze the lines out somewhat successfully, we’re happy to say that they’re going to concentrate on gaming rather than crossing over to the hip-hop world. 

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Here are few of the viewer’s comments about Dave “Walshy” Walsh during LAN training:

Jet Set Studio also is excited for another Walshy sighting at the Red Bull headquarters in Cali, as another LAN starts this week!

StrongSide ha this match was intense!

Christopher Messier Walshy's amazing, Red Bull A40 Ftw!!!

Robert Kuboyama Walshy is the most legendary Halo player known to man. Some could argue that he has raised the competitive gaming bar to new heights... setting apart the men from the boys some could say... his attitude, mental ability, and foresight is the key to his success... Walshy the king of kings is arguably the best player today and continues to annihilate everyone that crosses his path... he has been my favorite player for soo many years and I respect his passion for gaming and continued success... WALSHY is a name I will never forget

Johnny_loves_you um Walshy is a boss




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