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High-level fighters live by the idea that if your training camp is nothing but pure hell, then fight night will be a walk in the park. Though the second part of their ideology might be somewhat sarcastic, the theory proves true for most, as the rigors of constant practice and hard training can often lead to an outstanding performance when the time comes.

The world of gaming is no different. Hours upon hours of strategy and focus before a major event can sometimes lead the way toward victory; Team Carbon, Status Quo, and Warriors are three groups that can attest to that. All three took part in the Red Bull LAN event set up in early October of this year as a makeshift training facility to hone their skills. As a result, all three teams are advancing to the finals in Dallas next month. 

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Red Bull’s three-day training showcase featured a live stream with viewers able to watch a number of intriguing matches laced with new methods, old tricks, and clever strategies. When the dust had settled, there was little more than a few sweaty headsets and empty Red Bull cans strewn throughout the facility, and the participants were more than ready for the upcoming tournament.

Though every event is crucial for any team vying for top honors, D.C.’s competition was arguably the most pivotal of the series, as bubble teams clawed for position and frontrunners did their best to maintain superiority. With the finals just a few weeks away, every gamer in attendance was well aware of how important their performance would be.

As things started heating up, Warriors experienced a dismal 2 - 5 deficit against Heaven and Earth, and things were looking bleak. However, with a never-surrender attitude, the team rallied and mounted an epic comeback to snatch a qualifying position for the finals in Dallas, in turn bumping highly-favored Str8 Rippin’ out of the finals completely.

If Walshy has any control over his power to perform beyond all expectation when it really counts, Dallas would be the event to call upon it.

Team Carbon and Dave ‘Walshy’ Walsh, another bubble team, have taken a rough road throughout 2010. They’ve faced stiff competition and have run into a number of issues that have left them on the verge of being dropped from the race altogether. Though many counted them out during D.C.’s tournament, they defied the odds and rose to the occasion, mounting an attack that landed them in the number eight spot.

If Walshy has any control over his power to perform beyond all expectation when it really counts, Dallas would be the event to call upon it. The keyboard warriors on the gaming forums have voiced their predictions for the finals, and less than 2% place Carbon above the number eight spot when all is said and done.

Most in fact are anticipating a showdown between Final Boss and Triggers Down for the gold. With any luck, this will add fuel to the fire and motivate Walshy and his crew to step up and shine during the Dallas finals, going down November 5-7.



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