Drown out the noise and create your own soundtrack. Here are 3 tracks off Bloom, the latest from Beach House, paired up with 3 unique LA escapades tailor-made for your weekend.

Every month we select 3 songs from a debut album and pair them up with 3 of our city’s most unique escapades to provide you with the ultimate listening-in-LA experience.

Why Beach House?

As far as we’re concerned, Beach House is the weekend. Nothing can soothe us from the stresses of the work week more than Victoria Legrand’s smoky serenade sung over Alex Scally’s mesmerizing and melodic chords. Even the Baltimore-based duo’s name puts us in a vacation kind of mindset.

It’s been almost three years since Pitchfork’s favorite dream-pop pair released an album, so to say that Bloom is highly anticipated is an understatement... but we think it was well worth the wait. Although the LP does not officially hit stores until May 15, we’ve picked out three of our favorite tracks paired with three LA escapades that will have you cruising through your weekend.



WHAT YOU’RE FEELING: Reflective and nostalgic

WHERE YOU’ll GO: Dance around Downtown

WHAT YOU’ll DO: How about trading in your usual “go big or go home” Friday night for something more, uhh, meaningful? (Read: something you can remember) After all, Legrand’s deep, soothing vocals will have you all misty-eyed and meditative. We suggest you jump into the weekend by taking a step back and celebrating old LA.

Get your culture in at the drkrm gallery where Ansel Adams gives you a chance to see what life was like in pre-war Los Angeles before you head on over to Cole’s diner where you can reminisce over every bite of their historically honored French Dip. Then, top your evening off with an old-fashioned at the Edison.



WHAT YOU’RE FEELING: Blissful and adventurous

WHERE YOU’LL GO: Up PCH for a Sunny day in Malibu

WHAT YOU’LL DO: Pop in the band’s first single in your car, hop on PCH and leave your problems in the smog. Start your Saturday off with a morning hike through Malibu Creek State Park. If you manage to make it to the end of the path, there’s a Rock Pool. Take a swim, dip your feet in the water, or just relax in the cool shade of the rock formations surrounding you.

Once you’ve wiped yourselves off, recharge at the Cafe Habana with roasted plantains and chorizo quesadillas. Skip on the cocktails for now, there will be plenty to drink at your next stop: the Malibu Wine Club. Get cozy and toasty with a tasting or two and sprawl across the green grass overlooking LA’s mountains.



WHAT YOU’RE FEELING: Bright-eyed and energetic

WHERE YOU’ll GO: To the Eastside for some feel-good fun

WHAT YOU’ll DO: Beach House’s dreamy lullabies have rocked you through the weekend, leaving you feeling fresh and reinvigorated. Learn something new by signing up for a cooking class offered by Silverlake’s Tarascos Mexican resto. Learn how to make the perfect mole sauce from the pros and sip on a few home-brewed beers while you’re at it.

Next, head down Silver Lake Boulevard and pop by LAMILL for an afternoon espresso jolt and an order of warm brioche donut holes. Last but not least, seal your Sunday with a sunset walk around the reservoir and thank Beach House for inspiring such a pleasant and soothing weekend.


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