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We don’t often do injury reports but it seems as though Action Sports and injuries go together like Red Bull and Vodka -- and this year is no different than any past years. No matter how much an athlete prepares for these competitions, accidents are bound to happen. From the MegaRamp to the Dirt Track, we’ve had some of the best athletes in Action Sports go down.

Chad Kagy - BMX Big Air: Chad took a 45-foot fall and broke his right femur.

Travis Pastrana - Moto X Best Trick: While trying to do a “corked 720,” Travis crashed and broke his right ankle and foot.

Ashley Fiolek - Moto X Racing Women: Ashley crashed during practice and was knocked unconscious. She was unconscious long enough for doctors to determine that she should not compete.

Curren Caples -Skateboard Park: Curren went down during practice and sustained a minor concussion along with a big knot above his eye.

Corey Bohan - BMX Freestyle Park:Corey hurt his wrist during eliminations. No breaks or fractures but enough pain to keep him from competing.

Robbie Maddison - Moto X Best Trick, Moto X Freestyle: Maddo compressed a vertebrae in his lower back during a Red Bull X-Fighters competition.

Andy Buckwort - BMX Big Air: Andy pulled out of XGames due to a ruptured speen in June.

Morgan Wade - BMX Big Air: Morgan ruptured his spleen at the MegaRamp contest in Brazil and was forced to pull out of XGames Big Air.

James Foster - BMX Big Air: Pulled out due to a broken leg.

Coco Zurita - BMX Big Air: Fractured his ankle before XGames even came to town.

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