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Behind every X Games star, there’s a mother who ferried them around, fretted about injuries and dressed their wounds . X Moms, we salute you.

Your average mom might shed a worried tear when she takes the training wheels off her little kid’s bike. The action sports mom? She’s the one cheering as her pre-schooler zips around on a dirt bike or pops their first ollie on a skateboard.

When her four-year-old wants to build a skate ramp in the backyard, she doesn’t care what the neighbors think, or what’s going to happen to her begonias. When her teenage amateur athlete needs her to drive a thousand miles to get to a contest, she thinks ‘What an awesome way to spend the weekend!’ And when her offspring wipes out during competition, she never, ever freaks out and runs to her baby’s side, because that would be way embarrassing.

Raising any champion is an intense endeavor, but raising an action sports champion is perhaps the most challenging, financially and emotionally.

Motocross, skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing -- these aren’t the kind of sports that kids learn at school. There are no college scholarships for street skaters; no high schools where snowboarders can practice backflips; no elementary schools with motocross coaches on the staff.

Instead, these kids (and by default, their families) inhabit an entirely alternative universe, one where the threat of serious injury is ever present, and where “motherly love” means allowing your kid to live their dreams, however dangerous they may seem.

Their kids may be the ones in the limelight, but rare is the child whose mother didn’t give up her career or huge chunk of her identity so they could fight their way to the top.

Here we meet four remarkable matriarchs who raised some of the brightest X Games stars in America. They are the unsung heroines of action sports -- they are the X Moms.

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