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Zered Bassett is a staple of the New York City skate scene, and as of this writing, he's the newest pro for Expedition Skateboards in a deal that was finalized last week.


He's been a free agent since parting ways with Zoo York in early 2012. In June he collaborated with NYC’s UXA for a deck but remained unattached to any team, until now.

“I'm super stoked,” Bassett told RedBullUSA.com. “I respect every guy on the team and I'm proud to finally be a part of it. We've been talking about it for months and it was just made official today.”

Talks started sometime over the summer, when Expedition riders Joey Pepper and Matt Miller breached the subject with their friend. All are longtime NYC skaters and former Zoo York teammates, so, says Bassett, “it was the natural thing to do.” Spearheading the effort was another former Zoo Yorker, Rob Welsh, team and brand manager for Expedition.

Welsh's story begins 3,000 miles and one ocean away, when he left Portland, Maine, for an uncertain future in San Francisco. There, he became a young rider for Santa Cruz Skateboards before relocating to north San Diego County, one of the many coves within skateboarding's 100-mile "cradle of life." A former Zoo York rider (with Bassett), Welsh turned pro for Expedition four years ago.

“I've known Zered since 2000,” he said. “He's an amazing skater, and we're honored to have him as a pro at Expedition.”

Formerly Expedition-One, Expedition was started 15 years ago by young pros Chris Lambert, Alphonzo Rawls, Richard Angelides, and Chany Jeanguenin. In 2002 Expedition was absorbed into the Kayo Corp, along with DGK, Organica, and Gold wheels. Angelides and Jeanguenin remain on the team.

Bassett grew up skating in Massachusetts (as did Pepper and Miller) and moved to New York when he was 18, joining 16 Skateboards before World Industries made him a flow rider. He filmed frequently with Doug Brown, brother of Brian Brown, who was then riding for Zoo York. Bassett joined Zoo York in 2002 and left in 2012, following a corporate merger.

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