Big Tune Results 2008

Big Tune Results 2008

Event Recap

The final Red Bull Big Tune battle of the year brought legendary Hip Hop acts Ghostface Killah, Alchemistand the recently reunited Digable Planets together on one stage as special guests but it was a 17-year-old producer from the south side of Chicago named C-Sick who stole the show and earned the coveted title of 2008 Red Bull Big Tune National Champion.

C-Sick earned himself a chance to work in the prestigious Red BullStudios in Santa Monica next February. When asked, who he will choose to workwith, he said, "Wow this very overwhelming, I'll need to think about this onefor a while."

A capacity crowd of over 800 fans packed the Highline Ballroom and weretreated to fierce competition between Red Bull Big Tune regional winnersfrom Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, Philadelphia, Houston,Oakland and Washington D.C.. In the head-to-head battle format, each produceris given 90-seconds to prove themselves and stay in the game. What makesRed Bull Big Tune truly unique is that there are no celebrity judges. Thecrowd determines who will advance and who will go home. The last personstanding will be the one with the "big tune."

The Winner

C-Sick (born Charles Dumazer) is a French/African-American Hip Hop producer. Born in France, C-Sick moved to Chicago when he was nine, and grew up on the south side of Chicago. By the age of 15, without any formal musical training, he started using FL Studio beat-making program. He started by making juke tracks and decided to sample and create Hip Hop beats after listening to Kanye West's song "Through the Wire" on the radio. At the age of 17, C-Sick became the 2008 Red Bull Big Tune National Champion and produced the song Film for legendary Hip Hop lyricist Nas. He currently uses FL Studio 7 to make beats. Previously, he used Fruity Loops 6 demo version. C-Sick was influenced by producers such as Just Blaze, and Kanye West. He has created music for Hip Hop artist Nas and Chicago artists such as Peeda Pan, GLC and others.