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    Parkour is the physical discipline of training to overcome obstacles within one's path by adapting movements to their surroundings. Free Running is a form of urban acrobatics where individuals utilize the city landscape to perform movements throughout the natural features and terrain.

    17th of September

    4:30PM - 9:00PM

    City Hall Plaza  - 100 City Hall Plaza Boston, MA

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    Location:   100 City Hall Plaza Boston, MA
    (Map the Address)

    Date: 17th of September
    4:30pm - 9:00pm

    About:  Established as the first free running competition in the world in 2007, Red Bull Art of Motion is coming stateside in September 2010 with events held in Tampa (11th) and Boston (17th).  The event is like no other and will captivate the eye with an amazing blend of artistry from the disciplines of free running, parkour, martial arts and gymnastics.

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