For the first time ever, a short course off-road Pro4 racing truck will take to the snow in Vermont’s Green Mountains to battle gravity and the elements as part of Red Bull Frozen Rush. The four-wheel drive vehicle, designed to handle just about anything a summertime off-road speedway can throw at it, will face an onslaught of new challenges when it enters winter’s frozen playground. Soft snow, steep terrain, ice and freezing temperatures is a recipe for disaster in any vehicle, but that won't slow down champion off-road racer, Ricky Johnson. Armed with a set of custom spiked and specially designed tires from BFGoodrich’s Research and Development team, Ricky will wager his skills, experience, and even his truck's capabilities as he attempts to conquer the slopes.

Vermont’s closest ski and snowboard resort, Mount Snow, is the chosen location for this epic challenge. Veteran course builders, Snow Park Technologies, will join forces with Mount Snow's operations team to design a one-of-a-kind hillcross course that will surely put Ricky and his truck to the ultimate test. When completed, Red Bull Frozen Rush will warrant a different perspective of weather restrictions and future opportunities for motorsports.

Date and Time

Friday, February 15
12:00 a.m.* (Start time subject to change)


Mount Snow
39 Mount Snow Road
West Dover, VT 05356

This event is free to the public


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