Red Bull King of the Rock 2013


Bigger and better than ever, Red Bull King of the Rock expanded to qualifiers in 27 countries, including 33 in the United States for 2012. From these qualifiers, 64 finalists will head to the island to put it all on the line in The Yard on September 22. Respect will be earned and feelings will be hurt, but there can be only one King, so out of the 64 finalists, only one player will be crowned Red Bull King of the Rock.

The 64 finalists will include: the top player from the 24 international final qualifiers; the top player from each of the 33 U.S. qualifiers; the five top runners-up from the U.S. qualifiers; and returning champions Izeah “Clutch” Bowman (2010) and Hugh “Baby Shaq” Jones (2011). International qualifiers will take place in the following countries: Dominican Republic, Georgia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, Slovak Republic, Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Jamaica, Italy, Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Spain, Turkey, Brazil, Canada and Ukraine.


Saturday, September 22


Alcatraz Island
Golden Gate National Recreation Area
San Francisco, CA 94133


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