Red Bull Soapbox Cincinnati

On October 4, Red Bull Soapbox Race came screeching into Cincinnati's Mount Adams area as 40 teams put their skills to the test driving homemade human-powered soapbox cars down the urban 1/4-mile "track". They were challenged with steep descents, turns, and ultimately, the clock as they strived for soapbox stardom and a place at the podium.

More than 30,000 race day revelers crowded Mt.  Adams in hopes of catching a glimpse of a flying pig, a crashing Barbie or a Mad Hatter on wheels at Red Bull Soapbox Race Cincinnati. Ultimately it was Canadian Team Taco Bull that sped into first place with their north of the border charm and south of the border car, winning an unforgettable NASCAR experience for each member.

“It’s  our  second  Red  Bull Soapbox Race. We wasted St. Louis and crashed because we were going too fast, so this one was a great race.  Lots of fans cheering  us  on…everyone was excited.  It’s the greatest excitement in the world!” exclaimed driver Greg Martin.

New  York  team Mummy’s Revenge took the second spot and a high-performance race clinic where they’ll learn to drive a real race car.   Local favorite, Cincinnati  Three-Way,  nabbed  third  place…good people to know as we hear they  won  a  blow-out  viewing party courtesy of Red Bull.    The People’s Choice  award,  chosen  via  SMS voting, went to Cincinnati’s Westlake High School students of The Crapple Jax.

Although  soapbox racing was born in Ohio, Red Bull Soapbox Race put a new spin on the concept by judging human-powered racers on not just speed, but showmanship  (read: really bad dance performances) and creativity. Judges included Cincinnati Reds pitcher Jared Burton, Eliot Sloan of Blessed Union of  Souls,  wakeboard  superstars JD Webb and Adam Errington and Bengal’s Cheerleader Shannon Lake.

In anode to “Office Space”, E-Haw and the Razor Thongs attempted to break all racing records by speeding through the course via a stapler, correction: a swingline with wheels. Unfortunately, a couple of bumps along the road caused the car to miss the mark….but hey, it is a good story for the water cooler on Monday. Other memorable moments included Jesus speeding down the course with his holy rollers and Chicago to Cincinnati losing their way at carnage corner (…and we thought they’d be prepared for a strong headwind).  

While  this sounds like fun and games, these quirky racers had to obey some rules of the road. All driving machines must be entirely human-powered – no stored  power  or  external energy sources allowed.  Secondly, all vehicles must  be  less  than six feet wide, less than 20 feet in length and no more than seven feet from the ground. And finally, all crafts must weigh no more than 176 lbs (not including the driver). 

The pioneering adventure doesn’t stop in Cincy… San Franciscans and Denverites get a chance to shake their tail feathers and race at top speeds this  fall. San Francisco will take to the streets on October 18 and the Mile-High City makes it driving debut on October 25.

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