Mount St Elias - Screening

Moviegoers will get the chance to witness the harrowing documentary “Mount. St. Elias” and get a glimpse into one of the greatest feats in mountaineering and skiing history at The Flying Monkey in Plymouth, New Hampshire.

The film, which has garnered awards from film festivals around the globe, follows three adventurers as they brave temperatures of 40 degrees below zero, dense fog and falling rocks in hopes of descending the longest continuous ski run in the world – a 21 mile long descent from summit to sea level with massive vertical relief up to 60° steep.

The previous attempt to ski this mind-blowing slope ended in tragedy when two of the most experienced skiers fell to their deaths in 2002. Director Gerald Salmina captures adventurer Axel Naglich, ski alpinist Peter Ressmann and free ski pro Jon Johnston as they risk everything to achieve what no man had done before.

Date and Location

The Flying Monkey
April 6, 2011 39 South Main Street, Plymouth, NH

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