Clemson Freeride Downhill Trails hosts a mountain bike competition under the moonlight, putting the competitors' skills to the ultimate test.

On a normal race day, downhill mountain biking will beat down the body and bike as they speed through rock gardens and soar on 20’ jumps.  It will also break a racer down mentally as they battle not only the clock, but the other competitors. Now, imagine facing of that without a keen sense of sight. 

Red Bull Night Shift will challenge athletes to ride with only headlamps and the ambient light of the moon and stars above. One must rely on their body and mind to be completely in tune with their surroundings and know what to expect on this unpredictable terrain. Once the sun goes down on November 13, the area’s best riders will take to the Clemson Freeride Downhill Trail for a one-of-a-kind race to the finish line.

Red Bull Night Shift will consist of the best 24 collegiate downhill mountain bikers in the region – all of whom will be hand selected to compete by professional downhill rider, Shaums March.  All contending riders will need to qualify for the night competition earlier that day to determine if they’re ready to take on the course with only their head lamp to guide them.


Saturday, November 13
4:00 pm-6:00 pm Qualifying Rounds
Competition begins at sundown (approximately 8:00 pm)

Open ride sessions for anyone -- from 10 am leading up to the qualifying rounds at 4 pm


Clemson Freeride Downhill Course
Old Seneca Road, Clemson, SC

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