Red Bull Baggataway

Taking the game of lacrosse back to the way it’s meant to be played, Red Bull Baggataway will take place at Soldiers Field Soccer / Lacrosse Stadium in Boston, MA.

The sport’s best player Paul Rabil will be hosting a two day lacrosse tournament that tests speed, endurance and physical power. Not your average lacrosse game, Red Bull Baggataway has no pads and no out-of-bounds, just pure run and gun explosives.

Friday’s game day will consist of a round robin tournament. There will be two 15 minute halves with a sudden death type of feel. There are no subs, no face-offs, no equipment except for the goalies, one field, no out-of-bounds and checking above the shoulder is illegal. The two teams with the best record will compete on Saturday, prior to the MLL All-Star game, and winner takes all- $5,000 and the title of Red Bull Baggataway Champion!


  • One opening Face-Off to start the game
  • 11 Players on the field for each team (1 romer)
  • No long poles
  • No off sides
  • No out of bounds on the end lines
  • The team that has a player closets to the ball as it goes out of bounds on the sideline will gain possession
  • Clock does not stop unless there is a serious injury or flagrant contact to the head
  • Penalties 1 yellow card results in change of possession and 1:30 second man up. Any intentional or flagrant contact to the shoulder and it’s a red card and you are out for the game
  • Fighting results in an automatic disqualification for your team eliminating your opportunity to compete for the $5,000 prize
  • No Warm ups! Be stretched and ready to go when the next game comes to a finish
  • After a goal is scored the play is live.
  • The goalie has 4 seconds once the ball is in his stick to outlet the ball
  • There is no crease. So the goalie will have those 4 seconds of freedom to outlet the ball to a teammate after that he is fair game
  • If there is a tie after the first day of play the tie is determined by the team with the most goals scored in total(Most goals = advance to next round)
  • If the tie is still not broken at this point the next deciding factor will be the goals allowed on the day(least goals allowed=advance to next round)

Date and Time:

Friday, July 8, 2011  4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Saturday, July 9, 2011  4:00 PM - 6:00 PM


Soldiers Field Soccer / Lacrosse Stadium
95 N Harvard St
Boston, MA

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