Celebrating New York's most innovative contemporary artists as they turn their eye-catching designs into canvas-wrapped Red Bull coolers. The work will be showcased at 'The Space at Fifty North Third' on Thursday, September 13 at 9pm. Fans and a luminary panel of judges including Ron English, Carlo McCormick, and Daria Brit Shapiro will vote 3 artists through to participate in a Red Bull Curates group exhibition this December at SCOPE MIAMI during the 2012 Art Basel Season.

Selected Artists:
Adam Dare • Leah Matthews • Cosbe • Chris RWK • Dan Wonderly • Borbay • Julian Rapp • Michael Serfino • Paul Zepeda • Stephanie Ng • Ari Lankin • Jeremy Penn • Royce Bannon • UR NEW YORK (SKI, 2ESAE) • Cake • Joseph Meloy • Matt Dobbs • Ryan Humphrey • Ian Kuali'i • James Gortner • TONE TANK • L'Amour Supreme • Josh Slater • Russell King • CLAW MONEY • See One • Dark Cloud • Matt Dranes

For more info go to the official Red Bull Curates site.

Date and Time:

Thursday, September 13
9:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m.


50 N 3rd St,
Brooklyn, New York 11211-3925

Ages 21+

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