King of the Rock Qualifier

Who will be crowned King of the Rock? For 29 long years, more than 1,500 men dreamed of nothing but getting off of Alcatraz. But this year, hundreds will try their hardest to make it onto the island, with the goal of being King of the Rock.

Here's how it works, the qualifiers and finals will incorporate the normal one-on-one basketball set-up where players go head-to-head on an outdoor court, using a single elimination tournament bracket. In other words, its win or go home buddy.

The rules and scoring will be the same as regular hoops, shots will either count as 2 or 3 points and five fouls is an automatic L.

Here's where things get crazy, the players will be engaged in four intense half-court games going on at once, each getting its own ref, court manager and scoreboard.

All winners must immediately hop to the next court to face another player, this is where a player must bring their A, B, and C game if they want to be crowned King of The Rock.

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Date and Time:

July 23, 2011
2:00 PM


Jose Marti Park
434 SW 3rd Ave
Miami, FL

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