Red Bull Thre3style: Chicago

Red Bull Thre3Style is an innovative concept that gives highly skilled DJs a platform to battle, perform, gain notoriety and express themselves in a party atmosphere, taking place at The Mid in Chicago, iL.

Unlike other DJ battles that are based on more technical aspects, this is a creative and unique format that seeks to find the DJ that has best perfected the true art of “party rockin’.”

  • Eight of the area's top DJs will fight for the crowd’s favor.
  • Each DJ is tasked with spinning three completely different musical genres, all while keeping the party hot and the dance floor packed.

Hosted & Judged By:

  • Host: Hollywood Holt
  • Special Performance/Judge: Craze
  • Judge: Catchdubs
  • Judge: Chuck Flask

DJ Lineup:

CHARLIE GLITCH | | @charlieglitch

If motivation is the key to success, then Carlos Rodriguez is a self-made rockstar. Better known as Charlie Glitch, this southside Chicago native has made quite a name for himself in the club and nightlife scene. With his unique and boisterous style, he has pushed the boundaries of what’s considered Chicago’s house music.

At the age of 22, Charlie Glitch already boasts a resume with three EPs firmly under his belt and numerous remixes and collaborations with artists such as DJ Sega, Acid Jacks and Jose2hype. But producing and mixing aren’t his only talents: his knack for business led him to create Ghetto Division—the now notorious DJ/Production crew that teamed up lifelong friends and like-minded producers Rob Threezy, Maddjazz and Rampage. Charlie Glitch has had the pleasure of sharing decks with some of the most popular trendsetters in the game, including Diplo, DJ Sega, Deadmau5, Kingdom, Blaqstarr and Flosstradamus, playing at clubs around the Midwest and for parties at SXSW and for Fader Magazine.

After finishing a tour of Belgium, starting Ghetto Division Records, a label to showcase the finest young talent coming out of Chicago and the world, and beginning work on his forthcoming EP, Charlie Glitch decided that he would bring the new sound of Chicago house to the East Coast, and now calls New York his home. His creativity and passion for music can only leave one guessing as to the next steps and projects you might find him involved in, but one thing is certain: this Chicago native will not disappoint.

ZEBO | | @djzebo

Inspired by people who love music, and the music itself, Zebo goes for the rocksteady taste in music
when it comes to DJing. His passion began when he was young when he noticed he really enjoyed
finding new music and sharing it with others. Inspiration comes from the nightlife scene while watching everyone share the same moment in time being brought together by their love of music.

“I enjoy learning from other DJs who play in all various genres and musical styles. There is potential to learn from everyone we come in contact with. Red Bull Thre3style is the modern DJ's DJ battle.”

Zebo packs a cut-up crateful of styles, from hip-hop and B-more to French electro-disco and even a nasty snippet of a techno track or throwback freestyle gem. While this maximal approach might be increasingly common among DJs who cater to the ADD-riddled mash-up club casualties, Zebo stays head and shoulders above the rest for knowing that just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Skills can be honed, but taste can’t be taught.

Zebo teaches at The Club DJ 1 and 2 at Columbia College Chicago. He has a record label called "Hot Dog Records" which features music and remixes from local artists in the dance music community of various genres. Zebo was voted "Best Local DJ” in the Chicago Reader’s 2010 poll.


“OLD ENOUGH TO BE DOPE, BUT YOUNG ENOUGH TO BE HOT” - Ian Osborn (Big Once) favors all genres… as long as it’s something he can flip. A certified party-starter, coast-to-coast club rocker, and champion battle DJ, Big Once has been mixing and cutting wax for over 12 years. He got his start as a teenager; putting out mixtapes, spinning house parties, and working with several local bands and emcees. Big Once broke into the Chicago hip-hop scene while still in college and he has steadily been building his rep as one of the most in-demand DJs in Chicago and the Midwest.

With a studio full of records and an even greater digital library, Big Once’s fast-paced, dynamic sets touch on everything from hip-hop to house, pop to rock, and every genre in between. In a scene where anyone with a laptop and some software can claim to be a DJ, it is Once’s world-class turntablist skills, energetic stage show and years of experience with all aspects of DJing that set him apart from others. These qualities that have afforded Once to perform alongside everyone from the Z-Trip to Roy Ayers, headline clubs from Chicago to Los Angeles, record with legends like Pete Rock, and teach at the University of Chicago.

“Red Bull Thre3style is easily the most important and relevant battle in the world right now. Most DJs who won their heats last year had equal parts skills, crowd control, and programming ability; which are the three most important things a DJ can have. Plus, many former battle DJs who have moved on to clubs, myself included, have no real creative outlet for their routines and this affords us the opportunity to battle on a big scale again.”

His inspiration: CRAZE, Shiftee, Enferno, Klever, A-trak, Boogie Blind, Vajra and former battle DJs who are now running the club game. 

DJ TRENTINO | | @DJtrentino

Trenton Rosenbaum became DJ Trentino after getting music experience as a drummer and music producer. He has studied and played drums and percussion for 15 years and earned a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies from Capital University. As a DJ, Trentino has been scratching for nearly 11 years and has rocked the club scene for about 2 years. His favorite type of music when it comes to DJing is spinning hard, aggressive electro.

“You name a genre or type of group or performance, I've done it, everything from symphony orchestra to big band to Japanese Taiko to solo turntablist. Red Bull Thre3style…is the only DJ competition left in Chicago.”

DJ passion: MTV DJs (Skribble, Funkmaster Flex) and BET (whoever was on Rap City)

Current Inspiration: DJ Shiftee, DJ Enferno, Klever, Craze, A-Trak, Boi Jeanius, DJ AM, Z-Trip

Chicago Residencies: Bon V, LaSalle Power Co, John Barleycorn, the Wit, Detention

MARCO MORALES | | @MarcoMorales

Much more than a DJ, Morales first earned his professional name as a skilled turntablist when he was 17. He took early inspiration from his father’s vinyl collection of funk, soul and disco before putting his own spin on the sound under the moniker of “The Hustler.” The late ’90s saw him entering and winning dozens of Chicago-based DJ competitions that showcased both his trickery on the decks and the depth of his crates.

But it was a live performance by the Beasties Boys’ own Mix Master Mike that revealed his true passion for juxtaposing rhythms and sounds with startling, party-starting ease. “Seeing him do his mash to Rush’s ‘Tom Sawyer’ with a live break beat in front of huge crowd made me realize that’s what I really wanted to do,” he says.

After honing his skills at the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy in Sao Paul, Brazil, Morales would go onto claim top prize in spin offs including: Chicago’s Golden DJ Battle, The Real Productions Battle, and the Projekt Revolutions Battled, hosted by Grammy-Award winning artists Linkin’ Park. His prowess on decks landed him an opening DJ spot in front of a crowd of 11,000 later that year, and eventually led to guest DJing spot on Chicago’s “Jenny Jones Show.”

Taking influence from prominent turntablists including A-Trak, Q-bert, and the Scratch Perverts, Morales also tapped into other artists, such as Cut Chemist and Jazzy Jeff—“performance DJs who are masters of their craft,” he says. In 2006, Morales translated his love for rocking live parties into two studio releases on Junky Trunk Records: “Northside” and “Mission 10.” His own forthcoming label, Hot Dog Records, echoes his love for eclectic party heaters paired with bass-heavy sensibility of house that defined his style in the early vinyl days.

Not that Morales is forgetting his roots.

MATT ROAN | | @crossfaderking

From one working turntable and an ipod to Djing in some of the biggest and best clubs, festivals, and parties in the world, Matt Roan is in his fifth year as a professional DJ. It all started when he was a kid, however, taking charge of the radio in his mom and dad’s car, playing CDs at parties in high school and managing iPod playlists in college.

“I even brought a daft punk CD to my cousins wedding when I was about 13 and made the DJ play ‘Around the World.’ I've always had that in me. I'm focused on giving people all the energy I can and hope to get it back. I just want to make people move.”

Once Roan realized he could mix songs together and make something new it was ON. His inspiration comes from friends in the DJ/Production game in Chicago and also from the crowd. A Chicago sports maniac with a musical background, Roan is also proficient on drums, guitar, keyboards and bass. He is currently playing drums with a band called ‘The 1900s’ who just completed a tour on the east coast this past fall. On the business side overall, he is a music consultant and co-owner of the DJ-booking group and soon-to-be record label Crossfader King.


With turntable skills that cut like a diamond, rare mashups and precision live remixing, DJ Jem (Eric Sampson) is known for packing the dance floor and keeping it that way. Over the last 8 years, Jem has skyrocketed to the pinnacle of Chicago nightlife entertainment as one of the city's most prolific DJs. Inspired and guided by hotshot DJ White Shadow, DJ Jem has taken his craft to new heights in the Chicago music scene not only as an entertainer, but as a mastermind producer as well.

“I love music and more importantly I love making people feel good. There is nothing better than hearing people cheer when they hear their favorite song.”

Jem's heart-stopping remixes of contemporary pop, hip-hop and electro tracks have commanded the charts of music aggregators and industry blogs worldwide. While a resident DJ for many of the top-tier nightclubs and lounges in Chicago, Jem is constantly bringing his talents to venues all around North America in cities such as Washington DC, Miami, Toronto and more. He has been honored to perform for Kanye West, LL Cool J, John Mayer, R Kelly and several others.

JAY ILLA  | @jayilla

B-boy-turned-rapper-turned DJ, iLLaNOise aka “Jay iLLa” kicks it semi-old school after growing up in the Chicago underground scene with heavy emphasis around 90’s hip-hop after getting influenced by the legendary Kid Captri during the Def Comedy Jam days from 1993. Not just backpacking the music from that era, iLLa actually first entered the scene as a breakdancer. He likes to let the music speak and started spending time on the mic as a rapper.

Jay iLLa got serious about spinning ten years ago, honing his skills at K’s Music and developing his following while attending UIC Chicago. Illa quickly climbed the ladder to Chicago’s elite and has spun with some of his legends, including Kanye West and Jazzy Jeff.

Although he gave up rapping for the decks, you can still hear him spit a verse or two from time to time. 

Date and Time:

April 28, 2011
Doors open at 9:00 PM
Show starts at 10:00 PM


The Mid
306 N Halsted St
Chicago, IL

21+ /  $5 presale  / $10 at door

Real-time updates by following all the action on Twitter: #rb3style


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