Red Bull Chariot Race

And lo, on this night, teams of three gladiators in their finest togas shall endeavor to attain eternal gory. Great minds will design and build their chariots, race them up and down the streets, creating a party that honors the gods of Mount Olympus.

Teams are encouraged to be co-ed, with one person driving and two pulling. Chariots should be well-built and original. Speed is important, but style really matters, so prepare a skit or funny way to introduce your team and put on a show for the crowd.

This isn't just any race, this is the Red Bull Chariot Race. So put on that toga or gladiator helmet and be ready to get loud and rowdy in the best Athenian tradition.

Fore more info visit the official Red Bull Chariot Race page.

Date and Time:

May 4, 2011

Chariot Viewing: 5:00 PM
Racing Commences: 6:00 PM


6th Street (between Green St & John St)
University of Illinois

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