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  • Our goal here at Faultline is to examine and expose Los Angeles beneath its facade, beyond its cover-up and behind its band-aids. We are living in a city that has been heavily plastered upon by its on-lookers, crafted and shaped in such a way that to the rest of the world, it’s just a piece of shiny plastic, a pretty trinket on a shelf. But the truth is, in actuality, LA is quite a bizarre place. Beyond the Sunset Strip and past the Venice Boardwalk is a refreshingly unique concoction of archetypes, ideas and personas. From the tragically dramatic hipsters and altruistic artists to the know it all westsiders and Bev Hills Busy Bodies this city is actually bustling with an array of agendas and plans, each individual determined to hustle their way to success. As a result of this madness, we have one of the most unique and eclectic cultures in the world -not to mention a group of people who were never more enthusiastic to learn how to navigate such a chaotic and intriguing city.

    That being said, Faultline is not about keeping up with the latest and greatest of LA’s innovations. Truth be told, that is a fools errand. Let it be done by the worker bees, the Eater LAs, HypeBeasts, and Refinery 29s of our beautiful city. First and foremost, our goal at Faultline is to get to know Los Angeles with such intimacy that we provide our readers with strategic, practical and nuanced content that always reflects the off-beat underbelly of this monster. Ultimately, we will aim to ignore the glossy aesthetic and toss aside the over orchestrated first impressions. To understand the city in all of its gritty authenticity and idiosyncratic imperfections. We will craft a perspective that peers through the Red Bull lens by utilizing your treasure trove of opinion leaders and taste makers to understand and examine Los Angeles for what it truly is, from its Faultline outward.