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In recent years, streetbike freestyle has traded in its bad-boy image to become a legitimate competitive sport that hosts a more professional showcase, and Aaron Colton has been one of the biggest catalysts for the switch. He says his biggest accomplishment isn't any one of the many trophies he's won. Instead, it's "bringing a clean image to the sport of streetbike freestyle. I've been able to put a clean face, a strong younger image on this sport."

Often labeled a child prodigy, Aaron has gone on something of a rampage of wins. His trophy list includes first place at the 2006 XDL National Championship; second place at the 2007 XDL National Championship; first place at the 2007 King of the South Individual Freestyle; first place at the 2007 XSBA Individual Freestyle and an unusual third place at the 2007 Stuntwars Individual Freestyle; first place at the 2008 XDL Indy GP Individual Freestyle; and first place at the 2008 Starboyz Stuntfest Individual Freestyle.

Aaron was taken under the tutelage of World Champion stunter Christian Pfeiffer at the 2008 Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix, where Pfeiffer selected Aaron as the next big streetbike stunting superstar. Aaron says, "Christian has sort of the same clean image that I have, except over in Europe." He compares Christian's accomplishments with his own, saying, "What I offer that's different is that I'm the first young person in my sport bringing that family feeling you see at motocross events. I think it's something that's catching on and is helping put some momentum behind the sport as a whole."

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