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Adam Errington takes his role as one of wakeboarding's fastest-rising stars in stride. The 2007 Rookie of the Year, who finished that first season as a pro ranked eighth overall, improved his competitive and creative edge to finish 2008 ranked fourth overall in the Pro Wakeboard Tour standings. If the rapid success brings increased expectation and anxiety, Adam doesn't feel it. "I'm the type of person who does well under pressure," the 20-year-old says. "I don't get stressed out. I like competition." And competition likes him. In 2008, Adam racked up podiums, including third at the Wake Games and first at Wakestock in the United Kingdom.

Adam's riding style mirrors his overall take on life: relaxed and smooth. Whether he's taking the podium at Wake Games (second in 2007 and third in 2008) or the Australian Pro Tour (Adam grabbed third hours after getting off the plane in Brisbane), his ability to get good pop off the wake and his love of spinning keeps him high in the contest standings. Outside of the contest arena, Adam has been featured in films, including Red Bull's Blackout and Drive by Sean Kilgus. He traveled to Australia in 2007, where he took part in Chris O'Shea's Pressure Cooker comp, an invite-only freeride-style contest. Adam tapped into his superior ability to link big tricks together and walked away with the Best Line Master title.

"Wakeboarding is progressing really fast," Adam says. "There are just a lot more people learning harder tricks. Guys are coming out of nowhere with these crazy tricks, and they're super consistent. Any different guy could win it any time." Considering his impressive ability and innovative style, that guy is likely to be Adam Errington.

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