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About Borbay


Borbay, dubbed a re-inventor of collage, the Big Kahuna, profiled on the BBC and featured by Forbes, is a professional artist residing in Manhattan.

His work encompasses four spheres: portraiture, locations, live event painting and branding. Borbay’s portraits focus on celebrity. He has texturally recreated the likeness of Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Daniel Day Lewis, Kanye West and Lil Wayne.

Borbay has painted around the world in cities and destinations including: Walt Disney World, The Guggenheim, Las Vegas, Milan and Shanghai. In April 2012, the Major League Baseball Fan Cave launched, showcasing four Borbay’s. In 2011, Borbay branded Bomb Wines and was commissioned by Advertising Week. Borbay has donated work to the following charities: Make-A-Wish Foundation, Children of Armenia Foundation, A.C.E., We Love Japan and The Skin Cancer Foundation.

Borbay’s press credits include Forbes, WSJ, BBC, New York Post, New York Times, The Source and NBC’s Grio.