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Manual skating is second nature to Brandon Biebel, the kick-flipping sensation from Sacramento, California who makes skating on four wheels seem unnecessary. “He has the best balance I’ve ever seen,” says pro skate compatriot Stefan Janoski. “He’s a natural at whatever he tries to do.”

Biebel started skating when he was 12, surrounded by legendary skaters in the well-known local scene. He’s part of a tight posse of pros who continue to carry the torch for Sacto -- guys like Janoski, Omar Salazar and Kyle Leeper, who pushed him to keep taking it to the next level. It was those sessions with his friends at home that helped evolve his style, and he’s now known as one of the most technical street skaters to date.

He earned his street cred not from contests, but from delivering banger segments in some of skateboarding’s most celebrated videos, including the 2003 feature Yeah Right!, Transworld’s Subtleties in 2004 and Lakai’s Fully Flared in 2007.

These days he’s traveling and skating non-stop, racking up more frequent flier miles than he ever imagined. Sometimes that means lengthy demo tours in Europe; other times it’s playing an early-morning round of golf at home with his dad before hopping a plane to L.A. to skate The Berrics that afternoon. “Skateboarding has taken me all over the world,” he says. “I wake up and do what I love to do every single day. It doesn’t get any better than that.”

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