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Brian Grubb has helped bring skateboarding’s renegade spirit—and highly technical tricks—to wakesports. Case in point: On Red Bull’s recent Capital Chaos mission to Ottowa, Canada, “Grubby” got up early to beat security and used a winch tow to skate the canal in front of the landmark Parliament building, ultimately launching himself over a 12-foot drop gap. You’ll find him skating in lakes, ponds, rivers, canals and swimming pools all over the world, dominating competition on the international wakeskate circuit and inspiring legions of people to take up the sport. 

“I love being in the water,” says Brian. Before taking up wakeskating a decade ago, he competed as a wakeboarder, and when the waves are up, he’ll ditch it all to go surfing. “What I love about wakeskating is that it helps bring all these other things I’m interested in together: Skating, surfing, snowboarding, even the adrenaline rush and body control you learn from skydiving and bungee jumping. Wakeskating is where I focus everything I’ve learned from these other sports and try to come up with something new.”

He’s got a lot to show for it. Brian has had big wins on the Pro Wakeskate Tour, Vans Triple Crown, U.S. Nationals, the Wakeskating World Championships, and the Byerly Toe Jam Tour. He’s also helped shape everything about the sport from wakeskate design to the competition formats.

“What motivates me most is seeing how fast this sport has grown and knowing how much bigger it could get,” he says.

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