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About CRO


Ray Noland has been an urban art pioneer. Noland is a Chicago native and graduate of the School of the Art Institute. He operates the Creative Rescue Organization (CRO) and works under the same pseudonym. During the 2008 Presidential election, CRO gained national attention with his street art campaign ‘Go Tell Mama!’ His striking images of Obama appeared throughout Chicago and across the country in the streets and alleyways.

CRO draws his inspiration from contemporary political discourse. His work is particularly powerful because of the elegant manner in which it depicts serious, complicated and contentious issues, while insightfully critiquing the political culture in which we all live.

“My work is simply about visually documenting and recording pop, social and political issues of my time. It addresses racial identity, pop culture, politics and at times alludes to underlying social behaviors historical and current which continue to shape American society.”