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How I identify as a young African American woman is a conversation I am compelled to discuss through my work. I use mixed media prints, installations and murals to explore family identity, as my family has always lived in middle class neighborhoods that were void of ethnic diversity. Through a cultural isolation, the family unit becomes the single source of how each member of my family is able to define, analyze and emit how they each identify themselves as African-American.

The illustrated world of my murals, objects and prints seek to take us back to the world below your mothers hip, where you might have been tugging on her dress in the store or peeking out from behind her knees at the bus stop—In this world faces and characters are ever changing and a chance for the viewer to enter the narratives I create through family storytelling.

Christina Long is a recent MFA Printmedia graduate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2012). She has participated in various urban and street art shows in Chicago and works in murals, found objects, prints and books to family folklore within the African American experience.