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Claudia Gold created her eponymous luxury lifestyle brand aptly named CLAWMONEY. The brand features a multitude of collaborations with Nike, Calvin Klein, and Vans. Claw Money was the subject of Doug Pray’s Graffiti Documentary, “Infamy.” In 2007, she published her first book, Bombshell: The Life and Crimes of Claw Money. More
recently she’s been penning her fashion blog, and painting murals for public art projects around the world.

New York native, Gold began at Anne Klein as a design intern and grew to become the Graffiti legend, and fashion maven she is today. For the past three decades you could find her iconic Claw tag in cities all over the world. In 2009, Claw Money was counted as one of the most influential graffiti writers of all time at the Tag au Grand Palais in Paris. Claudia has worked as a sought after stylist, costumer, fashion editor and designer all while building her namesake brand.