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Born in 1980, Cesar Augusto Perez De Arguezo, ( Czr Prz), is an artist/designer from Stone Park IL. He comes from a line of artists and currently resides in Chicago IL where he does freelance art direction, murals and illustration.

Czr Prz “new brow” slash street art and techniques are inspired by classic nouveou comic books with heavy graffiti influences. His style is both spontaneous yet clean, his gestural style forms depth and balance of his objects through color and shape. He works with spray, acrylic, and house paints and develops digital graphic art for silkscreen prints to vinyl installations. Prz also fabricates props and background sets for installations/events and has been involved in corporate projects including; Museum of Science and Industry, Field Museum, Nike, Camel, Toms Shoes, North Coast Fest, COCA I Cancer Society and Pop Cultour.