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Best known by his gamertag, “Walshy” has led his teams to multiple Major League Gaming (MLG) championships with masterful strategies, thrilling gameplay, and outside-the-box thinking. Gamers commit his tactics to memory the way chess addicts study the masters of old.

Born in Michigan in 1984, Walsh seemed like a typical kid who loved sports and played video games on the side. The teenager’s sometimes outrageous strategies in traditional contests offered a hint of his ability to innovate – like the time he was losing in a tennis match and decided to switch things up by sending every single shot back to his opponent as an easy lob. “I didn’t know if it would work,” Walsh shrugs, “but he got so frustrated that I won the match.”

When Major League Gaming, the largest organized league and international sanctioning body for professional video gaming, launched its first season with Halo 1 play in 2004, Walsh and his teammates won the final four rounds, including the National Championships.

After two more national championships and a runner-up finish as part of Final Boss, the team split, with Walsh taking a spot on the Instinct team for about a year before moving on to Carbon. In both cases, the team’s results dramatically improved.

Walsh has inspired a legion of adoring fans, many of them sporting gear from Kiaeneto, the clothing company he and a friend launched in 2006 (his current team sports the same moniker). He also sits on the Board of Directors for the Gamers Outreach Foundation, a non-profit with several gaming-related initiatives, including his favorite, supplying GO-Karts – mobile gaming stations – to children’s hospitals.

From early tournaments – where he had to put his name on his own Halo disc to make sure he’d get it back – to today’s televised events where he’s signing his autograph on just about everything else, the Walshy name has become synonymous with gaming.

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