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For the first four seasons of his pro career, Deron established himself as one of the NBA’s premier point guards. Following his rookie year, D-Will ranked in the top three in the league in assists for each of his next three seasons. But it wasn't until year five, the 2009-2010 season, that D-Will was finally recognized as an NBA All-Star. Deron believes that not being selected for those first four seasons served a positive purpose.

"I think being overlooked and overshadowed helped me," he said during All-Star Weekend. "It made me work harder. It made me play harder and get better." Deron finished his first All-Star game with 14 points, six assists and four steals, playing with the same intensity that makes him on the of the game's best at the point.

D-Will finished the 2009-2010 season in true All-Star form, averaging 11.6 assists and 18.7 points per game to lead the Jazz to a fourth playoff appearance in his five years in Utah. On February 23, 2011, the Jazz sent Deron to New Jersey in a multi-player trade. For the Nets, the move was a clear sign that they were working to compete with the New York Knicks for supremacy in the New York market while piecing together a young team that should be playoff-competitive for years to come.

Deron spent most of the second half of the 2010-2011 season rehabbing a wrist injury suffered in Utah, but he did play in 12 games for New Jersey, showing what he is capable with 12.8 assists and 15 points per game.

Deron Williams is at the top of a point guard-driven league in the NBA, a difference maker in the community, a trendsetter in taking the game overseas, a two-time Olympic champion and a three-time NBA All-Star. Already one of the best of his generation, Deron is only just getting started.

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