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Don’t Fret was born during the 1968 Democratic National Convention in a hotel overlooking the protests. As police and protesters harassed each other, his father harassed a bell boy over the individually charged cashews that he had not consumed but has somehow still had been charged for. After many careers as a butcher, importer, exporter, college football mascot, and temporary host of a public access tv show entitled “Love in The Time Of Online Dating” Don’t Fret retired to pursue his obsession with drawing odd nosed people and gluing them to other’s property. He now resides in Chicago in a house that was once owned by Harold Baines.

Don’t Fret is a Chicago based human known for his wheat pasted characters and outdoor murals. These works have graced walls in Chicago, San Fransisco, Miami, Sao Paulo, Berlin, Munich and Prague. Don’t Fret also occasionally shows nice framed work inside on nice walls.