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Drew Bezanson is a natural on a BMX bike and probably spends more time on his bike than off. Growing up in Truro, Nova Scotia, on the East Coast of Canada meant long winters and seclusion from the rest of the BMX world, but persistence and a genuine passion for riding to the best of his ability has certainly begun to pay off.

His 2010 season was his best yet with wins at his first three contests -- The Simpel Session, Toronto Jam and JomoPro. He then went on to take the top spot in prelims at the Portland stop of the Dew Tour before finishing just off the podium in 4th in Park. To date, the crown jewel in his trophy case is the 2010 Ride BMX NORA Cup award for Ramp Rider of the Year. This prestigious award is the equivalent to the Academy Award in the BMX world due to the results being voted on by BMX industry movers and shakers and fellow pro riders.

The future promises big things for this BMX phenom who has his eyes set on nothing less than X Games gold.

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